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 As yet faltering from the deficiency of Gamora, Peter Plume mobilizes his group to safeguard the universe and one of their own - a mission that could spell almost certain doom for the Watchmen if not effective.

James Gunn

James GunnJim StarlinStan Lee

Chris Pratt Chukwudi Iwuji Bradley Cooper

At their new central command on Knowhere, the Watchmen of the Universe are gone after by Adam, a Sovereign fighter made by their high priestess Ayesha, who tries to obliterate the Gatekeepers for taking from her. After Adam basically wounds Rocket, he is cut by Cloud and escapes. The Watchmen can't recuperate Rocket's injuries with their drug packs because of an off button implanted in him by Orgocorp, an organization helmed by a crazy lab rat and Rocket's maker, the High Transformative. The Watchmen travel to Orgocorp's base camp to find the switch's supersede code and save Rocket's life.


Action| Comedy|Adventure

Imbd rating


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